TGIF – Christ in the culture wars

Join us this Friday 7 September at De Warenmarkt at 7am for a talk and discussion.

Christ in the culture war

Lieschen Venter

In his book, The Strange Death of Europe, Douglas Murray describes the seemingly sudden degeneration of Western culture which he attributes to its “lost faith in its beliefs, traditions, and legitimacy”. This degeneration, far from being sudden however, can be shown as the outcome of a long and deliberate ideological reprogramming. Cultural Marxism can be a controversial term—some assert there’s no such thing, and others use the term as a catch-all for anything they see as undermining society. In this talk we examine the current state of Western culture, the impact of postmodernism and critical theory, and most importantly, the Christian worldview and response to culture.

Lieschen Venter is a lecturer of Operations Research at Stellenbosch University and a keen cultural observer. She is a PhD candidate and holds degrees in science, commerce and theology in her life-long search of a theory of everything.


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