TGIF – Doubt: An Ethics on Unbelief

Join us this Friday the 9th of June at The Food Lover’s Market Cafe in the Eikestad Mall at 7am for a talk and discussion.

Please use the pedestrian entrance on Andringa Street.

Doubt: An Ethics of Unbelief

Prof Stella Viljoen

The phenomenon of doubt is not a new one. It is as old as faith itself. In this talk Viljoen tries to grapple with ways that doubt might be absorbed as a characteristic of discipleship. She appraises Gregory Boyd’s critique of ‘certainty-seeking faith’ in his book ‘Benefit of the Doubt: Breaking the Idol of Certainty.’ Alongside Jamie Smith, she asks how we might prevent doubt from cutting “God down to the size of our believing.”

Stella Viljoen teaches Visual Studies in the Department of Visual Arts at Stellenbosch University. She is currently a fellow of the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, where she is occupied with the tawdry business of writing media history.


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