TGIF – Experiencing the origins of Christianity

Join us this Friday 2 November at De Warenmarkt at 7am for a talk and discussion.

Experiencing the Origins of Christianity

Wessel Venter

In October 2018 I was privileged to have participated in the Origins of Christianity tour in Israel, led by Dr John Dickson, a world-renowned Biblical scholar, historian, and rector at St. Andrews church in Roseville, Sydney. The purpose of the tour was to explore Israel (Judea and Galilee) as it was in the 1st century, and place the story of Jesus in the appropriate context. Lectures given by Dr Dickson also gave insight into how contemporary scholars and historians view the Jesus story. This talk will focus on the experiences of that tour, and be an opportunity to share what I learned.

Wessel is a software engineer by trade, having earned his masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Stellenbosch. He has been working for the world’s largest provider of payment software solutions for eight years. In his spare time he blogs about Christian theology, apologetics and worldview at He is passionate about the pro-life cause, and his wide variety of interests include history, science and philosophy. Idle pursuits include drinking tea, amateur photography, improv acting, playing with his two cats, and pretending that he has green fingers.


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