TGIF – The Easter story in a contemporary idiom

Join us this Friday 5 April at De Warenmarkt at 7am for a talk and discussion.

The Easter story in a contemporary idiom

Ydi Carstens

Art at its best has the potential to ‘[t]ell all the Truth but tell it slant’ as famously expressed by Emily Dickenson. This was my biggest challenge when in 2017 I was asked to create 7 artworks on the passion story in John’s gospel. Although the Easter story has inspired some of the greatest artworks in Art History (Dürer, Rembrandt, Holbein) and films the scale of ‘The passion of the Christ’, the narrative has the potential of becoming so familiar that it leaves us complacent and dull. It was in this state of familiarity that the passion project surprised and inspired me anew.

In this talk Ydi will share her thoughts, preparatory drawings and the historic artworks that inspired her creative process.

Ydi Carstens is a visual artist with an interest in theology and holds a MA in Fine arts.


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