Eastern Cape Mission


During the university recess I had the privilege of going on the Eastern Cape Mission. I was truly struck by the diversity on the Nelson Mandela University campus and the churches we attended. One of my highlights of the week was a student Bible study that Jacob led; Austin and I attended it, along with five students from REACH Summerstrand. All eight of us were from different parts of Africa, of which Austin was the only one that has lived in South Africa his entire life. It was amazing how even though we were all from different backgrounds, we could unite around God’s word and learn more about Him together. The greatest challenge of the week for me was walk-up evangelism. It has always been a daunting part of ministry for me. I’ve always been so happy other people are willing to do it, so that I don’t have to. During this week I was placed completely out of my comfort zone when I saw the program included walk-up evangelism. Looking back I am grateful for it. I was so afraid of saying the wrong thing, but I learnt that it is not up to me; I just have to be obedient, because it is definitely a place for God to move.
– Kiki

The PE mission turned out to be a great use of my September break. We visited many groups of people like, students on campus, old age home, schools, creches and a place for people with disabilities. The week was filled with evangelism, and Bible related conversations, good food, encouraging fellowship, we even had Time to talk to Gospel Rapping Artists. For anyone wondering whether they should go on mission I can assure you it would be worth your time, money and most important it will strengthen your relationship with God. I got to see how powerful the God is we worship. And truly appreciate that he is in control. I had the opportunity to give my testimony and in preparation of that, while reflecting on my life, it became so clear that God has been working in my life since a young age, only for me to realize nou that he was in control all of the time. We also spent a lot of time on campus, unfortunately the majority of people we spoke to, claming to be christians, have a misconception of what it is to be a Christian, and think that only living a good life and looking after your self puts them in the Christian group, and think that will save them. According to the religious leaders we worked with the problem originated from non-Gospel preaching Churches.
– Jacobus

Urgent prayer is needed for those people who think they are on the right track but aren’t.
Thanks you for all prayers during the past mission, hope to see you on the next mission.

During the recent September holidays, I had the privilege of going on a short mission trip to Port Elizabeth. I was very encouraged both by the team that went with me, as well as the brothers and sisters we worked alongside in PE. We had countless good conversations that enriched both my understanding of and love for the LORD. It was inspiring to see the many ways in which the churches in PE are reaching out to their community – from having discussions and building relationships with students on NMMU campus to building into the lives of neglected children in the nearby area. We mostly joined the work that they are already doing to lend an extra hand, ear or encouraging word. This included joining their Bible studies, having conversations with students on campus, running children’s programs and doing some fun maintenance at the church that hosted us.  I saw amazing growth in the entire team and would definitely recommend these short term missions for anyone in future (even if you are shy and scared – it’s not that intimidating once you are there!).
– Trudette


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