The ministry to House Horison at Christ Church Stellenbosch seeks to teach the Gospel and God’s Word to persons with intellectual disabilities on a level that meets their special needs. We meet on a Sunday, during the morning service, after singing with the rest of our congregation.  Most of our attendees are residents at House Horison, but any person with an intellectual disability is welcome to join the group.  

How you can be involved:
  • Please pray for this ministry, the teachers and the people attending this group.
  • Please be a friend to the person with an intellectual disability at church. It only takes a friendly greeting.  They love simply, abundantly and unconditionally and enjoy the fellowship of the church family.
  • See for how you can help House Horison.
  • Become a teacher for the House Horison group.
Contact Francia (, Lenore ( or Tamaryn  (tamaryn.andries@gmail.comfor more information.