Mens Ministry

The men’s ministry is led by Ebert Otto. Various smaller functional groups constitute the men’s ministry as a whole. This allows men to join one or more groups without over committing themselves or for there to exist an expected participation within other groups with which men don’t necessarily want to associate. Furthermore, this grouping also provides a shared responsibility by leaders committing to a group where their keen interest or talent lies. The functional groups and their leaders are listed below. A Database of men is being created indicating their respective interests which is built from the Men’s Ministry card hand outs.


(Accountable: Loots Lamprechts)

God’s Word is living and active, sharper than a double-edged sword, and able to give us all things that pertain to godliness and life. One-to-one Bible reading is simply reading the Bible with one other person or more, in an informal setting. It’s a way for men to get to know God and one another, and to keep each other accountable of living a life worthy of the gospel. It is for all men, whether you are new to the Bible and have many questions, or very familiar with it. Join up, and come and find life!


(Accountable: Paul Du Toit)

What if the people of God started to approach mentoring as intentional discipleship? Mentoring does not happen haphazardly. It requires intentionality, preparation, patience, prayer, and yes, mentoring can be a lot of work. But, what if we made a commitment to mentor anyway because it is necessary for advancing God’s kingdom mission? Every Christian has a responsibility to mentor and make disciples. We need to realize that we are not alone, these problems we face are not as unique as we think and that someone has possibly gone through this or worse. The older or more mature Christians in our congregation can mentor others and share experience, guiding men and giving hope and support.

Online media

(Accountable: Adrian Baillie-Stewart)

Facilitating the free-flow of communication lies at the heart of this portfolio. Making use of online methods promotes quick, easy and efficient communication. We believe that a network of interconnected relationships fosters unity amongst the men in our church.

Outdoor Events

(Accountable: Leon Visser)

Outdoor events include walks, hiking trips, cycling, braaiing, camping ect. These events would include the whole church community and others not in our church or in a church. The group would have specific camps for men and sons also. The group encourages a love for nature and good healthy relationships.

Repairs and Maintenance

(Accountable: Allen Mitchell)

Our church building needs to be maintained and repaired from time to time. This group would provide these services. Usually accompanied by a few who provides breakfast while other hammer away.

MUCkers – Men Under Construction

(Accountable: Martin Viljoen)

MUCkers comes together on a Friday morning 6:00-7:00. We share a cup of coffee and discuss issues relating to men, the world and the word. We read scripture and discuss these on a practical level. This year the theme is – Being Intentional. The Christ Church Men’s Ministry was born here.