Our student church meets every Sunday at 6:30pm. We are committed to listening to God speak to us through his Word and responding in loving faith and obedience. We view Stellenbosch University campus as our “mission field” and feel that we benefit greatly from being a local church in Stellenbosch and not merely a parachurch organization on campus. Our location provides us with the strategic opportunity and responsibility of reaching students with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. To this end we are committed to proclaiming the Word of God correctly, clearly and courageously, and so to evangelise unbelievers and to encourage and equip believers.

Whoever you are and whatever your previous Christian experience, we would love you to join us. From the interested observer to the committed follower, we are keen that everyone should grow in relationship with God through knowing Jesus. That is why our emphasis is on hearing God speak to us by His Spirit, through His Word, the Bible. We all know that we only grow in relationship with someone and get to know them as we listen to them, and as we respond or react to what they say. So the focus of our activities is on listening to God’s Word, responding to Him in prayer and acting on all that He says. We exist not just for Christians but for anyone who wants to investigate the claims of Jesus. We would love to meet you. And we do hope you will quickly feel at home among us.

What’s happening?

Bible Teaching – Sundays @ 18:30

Sunday night has a distinct student flavour, and is geared towards young people of ages 5 to 75!

Bible Studies

Thursdays, 7-8pm. Come for supper @ 6.15pm – it’s free for first timers.

Koshuis Bible Studies

These happen in various koshuise throughout the week. Ask us for details of one that’s close to you. Lots of people read the Bible and pray together on a regular basis. It’s a great way to grow together.

Camps & Conferences

Kick Start: Geared for first years or newcomers, but everyone is welcome.

Evening talks @ TBT by Bible teachers from around the Western Cape and overseas.

Equip Conference: A conference for students and young adults, where workshops, bible talks and electives equip Christians to study the Bible and apply it to their lives. A great opportunity for fellowship with members of other churches in the area.

Boland Men’s and Woman’s Bible Convention: Churches in the Boland get together for our annual conventions in the third term.

Sunday Seminars

We hold regular Sunday afternoon (3-6pm) seminars, followed by supper. These include training for specific ministries (e.g. Children’s work, Music) or issues that Christians face.

Training Courses

We run various courses which equip you for evangelism, discipleship and apologetics.

Training in Ministry (TIM) equips you to understand and explain God’s Word clearly

Ministry Apprenticeship Program

This is a 1 or 2 year internship for those considering full-time paid gospel ministry.

Evangelism & Missions

We encourage and run regular dialogue meetings, guest services, campus talks, and lots more.

Manenberg Missions

Outreach camps twice a year for Red River Primary School in Manenberg.

NETwork Tours

Week long missions to other parts of South Africa such as Douglas, Port Elizabeth, Hermanus and Villiersdorp.

Simply Christianity & Introducing God

Short courses designed to help people investigate Christianity.

Friendship & Socials

After 8’s on Thursdays & Sundays – hot choc, hang out and sometimes donuts, pancakes or hotdogs make an appearance!

Sport & Social

Opportunities to make friends, eat food, and just have a good time. Movies, braais, soccer, hikes, sokkies, ten-pin bowling, table-tennis.