The Vision of the Uganda Mission is to create a network of house churches where the Bible is studied and applied to the lives of the house church members. “It is our mission to provide as much support (in any form that we can) to the members of these house churches. This support can be in the form of Bible study materials, skills training, education, moral and most importantly prayer support.


Curious children peeping through boards at a church service in progress

Uganda update.

The biggest challenge we faced in Uganda was the lack of formal training in understanding the Bible. After much thought and prayer it was decided to partner with Veritas College and use their material to train church leaders.

Module 1

During September 2009 18 people were trained in Module 1 (New Testament letters) and were given the vision of training 150 other church leaders in Module 1. As at the 1st of June 2010 we have trained more than 150 new church leaders and we have identified 18 leaders to be trained as Module 1. Their task will be to train another 150 church leaders in Module 1 before 1 June 2011.

Module 2

In March 2010 18 leaders were trained in the first half of Module 2 (the Old Testament) and will complete their training in August. They will train 150 church leaders in Module 2 and will also identify 18 leaders to be trained as facilitators in Module 2.

Module 3

Module 3 will be trained in 2011. The outflow of this training has been the establishing of over 50 weekly Bible studies with villagers meeting around God’s Word studying it diligently and having their lives changed by His grace.

Patrick Kibowe

Patrick is currently studying at the African Bible University and will be starting his second year in September. He has passed his first year with distinction. His university fees are being sponsored by a church in Australia but he still need support for his monthly expenses.


Ugandan children

Please pray for:

  1. James Kibowe who is leading the work in Uganda
  2. For the trainers that they may train diligently
  3. For the Bible study groups – pray for growth in maturity as leaders
  4. Pray that God will continue to provide.


Ian presenting a goody-bag to the head boy