Christ Church exists “To present Christ to all people and all people mature in Christ”. This vision statement is drawn from Paul’s letter to the Colossians (1:28) where the apostle outlines the great theme of his life. Paul was both a great church planter as well as a great strengthener and nurturer of the church. Recognizing these priorities, we desire to be both changed and transformed by Christ’s gospel ourselves and in turn reach out with this gospel to the world.

Christ Church is a member of the REACH South Africa (Reformed Evangelical Anglican) family of churches which has a rich history of gospel work in Southern Africa. As such we strive both doctrinally and in practice to be Evangelical, Reformed, and conservative.

The word evangelical comes from the New Testament Greek word `evangel’ which means `gospel’ or `news’. The news of the Bible is that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that he came to save people by dying for their sins. Evangelicals are gospel people who believe the Bible is God’s Word and that Jesus alone is Lord and Saviour.

The word reformed comes from the 16th century Reformation when there was a return to reading, teaching and believing the Bible. It means we seek to think and live in accordance with what the Bible teaches, and that we are continually reforming what we believe and how we behave as we grow in our understanding of God’s Word.

Conservative describes our theological position. Liberals believe the Bible has errors, and so we have to discover or decide what is from God and what is not. This means the Bible has limited authority, cannot be fully trusted and is not sufficient. Conservatives believe the Bible is God’s Word as the Bible itself claims. Therefore, we believe the Bible to be authoritative (we need to read & obey it), without error (we can trust everything it says) and sufficient (contains all the truth we need for life & godliness). Because the Bible is a living Word, our conservatism is living and revolutionary and not mere traditionalism.